Forecast - Yet Another Weather App

What is Forecast?

Forecast is an application that shows you the weather in a beautiful way. Everything is in one place and with a simple swipe you can get details about the current day or the week. 


* Current weather conditions
* Weekly forecast
* Daily temperature graphs
* Daily precipitation graphs
* C° and F°
* 4 colour themes

Future development:

* Multiple locations
* Wind direction and speed
* Support for more languages

Why another weather app?

Why not? The design is beautiful and it's definitely something that me and Dennys love using. You can see all the important things without any effort. If you want more information just swipe right and you can see more details about the day. Swipe left and you get more information about the week. 

But it all comes down to one thing... we built it for ourselves. Now, if more people like it and want to use it, that's great! We will keep getting feedback and we will improve the app. And if you are looking for a unique selling point... there isn't one. 

The story behind Forecast

One day in October I was browsing Dennys' Dribbble Portfolio (friend and ex-colleague from our Fantasy Interactive days) and I noticed a beautiful weather app concept that he has designed.

So I reached out to him and asked him if he was interested in building it for real. He agreed and that's how it all started.

Dennys lives in Hong Kong and I live in Stockholm. Because of the distance and time difference we needed to find some tools that would make our collaboration easier. 

We used SlackSkype and Twitter as our main communication tools. We also used InVision for sharing design assets and for building the first prototype so that we could see how the app would feel before writing any code. For managing the work we used Asana and for out beta testing we've been releasing the app to a small set of friends via Twitter's Finally, for our user testing sessions that where handled by Vicky Karponi we used Loopback. We also conducted interviews and observations of users.

Why is it not free?

Good question. The API, where we get the data from, is not free. The server for the microsite and the domain name also cost some money. And we hate ads. The moment an ad is shown into an app, it is my opinion that the app feels cheap.

Is there an Android version?

No there is not. Is there going to be one? I don't know. I have nothing against Android (I actually prefer it) but right now I don't have the time to build and maintain the app in two different platforms.